Face masks are now required in ALL classes and at the studio at all times. Classes must be limited to 20 people and we are temporarily back to the 4sq/m rule Please be careful to sanitise your hands and dispose of all your rubbish in our bins provided.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. You need to pay for classes, events or studio hire in advance. Payments can be accepted by cash or electronic bank transfer. If you want to pay by electronic bank transfer, we can give you our bank account details when you book. If you pay by electronic bank transfer, then you need to pay sufficiently in advance so that the payment is received into our account 3 business days before the day of the class, event or studio hire to which the payment relates.
2. We base our pricing on a certain number of students attending classes and events. If you hire a studio, that means we do not hire it to someone else for that time. Unfortunately, we are not able to give refunds if it turns out you can’t attend one or more of the classes or events for which you have paid or if you don’t use the studio you have hired.

Our classes and events

3. We reserve the right to cancel and our classes or events if we don't have the minimum number of participants we need to cover our costs. We can also cancel classes and events for unforeseen reasons such as the illness of an instructor. If we cancel a class or event we will either reschedule it or give you a refund.
4. You acknowledge that dance classes and events involve physical activity. That activity can be strenuous. You might suffer an injury. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are in good physical condition and that the classes or events will not adversely impact on you or anyone else. This might involve you consulting with a medical practitioner before you start the classes or attend the event to check (as one example, if you are pregnant you need to have checked this with a medical practitioner). You represent and warrant to us (when you accept these terms and each time you participate in a class or event) that you are in good physical condition, do not suffer from any disability or medical condition that could prevent or limit your participation in the classes or events or which could contribute to a detrimental effect on you or anyone else if you participate in them.

Other people’s classes and events

5. In addition to our own classes and events, we hire out the studio to others who conduct their own classes or events. We have no responsibility for the classes and events operated by others (including for any injuries, loss or damage that happens during them).
6. If you hire a studio from us, it is up to you to ensure that you conduct your activities safely and that people you allow to be in the studio are in an appropriate physical condition to participate in your activities. You should have your own insurance to cover your activities.

Disclaimer and release

7. You accept responsibility for all risks (including liabilities, loss, damages, claims, injuries or even death) that occur to you, to any other person or to your or any other person’s property in connection with your participation in the classes, your participation in events or your hire of the studio. If you are hiring the studio you also accept this responsibility for anyone else who you allow to be at the studio.
8. You release us (and our principals, employees, instructors and contractors) from all liability and loss (including for damages, claims, injuries or even death) that arises or occurs in connection with classes, events or your hire the studio even if we (or another person) has been negligent. This release also covers any medical treatment in the event of an emergency.

Consent to medical treatment

9. In the event of emergency, you consent to medical treatment from any hospital or health professional. You agree to pay the costs of any such treatment.


10. You indemnify us (and our principals, employees, instructors and contractors) for all liability and loss (including for damages, claims, injuries or even death) suffered or incurred in connection with:

(a) a claim being made or an action being brought against us (or our principals, employees, instructors or contractors) in circumstances in which a release above says we (or they) are released;
(b) your participation in the classes or events or hire of the studio;
(c) anything done by or that happens to you at the studio;
(d) if you hire the studio, anything done by or that happens to anyone you allow to be at the studio.

You indemnify us (and our principals, employees, instructors and contractors) for these things even if we (or they) are negligent. As examples, this indemnity means that if you damage property, suffer an injury or cause an injury to someone else while participating in our classes or events or while hiring the studio you are responsible (and have to pay). As another example, if you are hiring the studio and someone else at the studio with you damages property, suffers an injury or causes an injury to someone you are responsible for that too (and have to pay). These are just examples.

Some legal formalities

11. You represent and warrant to us that you are over 18 years old. (If you are not, you must tell us in advance – we will need a document signed by your parent or guardian). You agree to these terms on behalf of yourself, your heirs, your assigns and your legal representatives.
12. Once you agree to these terms they form a legally binding contract between us and you. You need to agree to these terms before you can participate in our classes or events and before we will hire the studio to you (or if you have already started to do any of these things, before you can continue doing them). We letting you do (or continuing to do) one or more of these things is contractual consideration from us to you for this contract.
13. If you agree to these terms they cover any of our future classes or events, or hiring of the studio, too (unless you and we agree that different terms apply).

14. A reference to “we” or “us” is a reference to any one or more of Connection Studio Sydney (a registered business name of Kristy Pinna) and to Kristy Pinna (rights given to “us” are given to Connection Studio Sydney and Kristy Pinna jointly and severally). A reference to the studio includes any part of it.

Overstaying After Studio Hire Times

Overstaying After Studio Hire Times If the Hirer occupies the Venue prior to or after the hire time, Connection Studios will be entitled to charge the Hirer the full amount paid initially for that studio hire again, this is to say, the hourly rate fee set out in the booking. Please note that we have surveillance cameras and our staff are constantly checking them out. In order to be fair with everyone, we would appreciate if you could respect the booking hours. 


We are sadly currently closed

For any booking changes, please send via email ONLY to info@connectionstudios.com.au . Please mark subject as STUDIO CHANGE

Connection Studios is CLOSED until midnight Friday the 30th of July due to Corona Virus NSW regulations.

Please take care and await our return.

If you have a booking, please EMAIL me only at this time to organise refunds/reschedules… Please be patient, I am doing my best to keep up with making all these changes, I will get back to you all in due time. If you can please opt for a reschedule and keep your credit this will help immensely in this uncertain time that is already near impossible for this industry to keep up with.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and wishes.

Let us hope we can once again dance and connect again with safety soon ❤