Face masks are now required in ALL classes and at the studio at all times. Classes must be limited to 20 people and we are temporarily back to the 4sq/m rule Please be careful to sanitise your hands and dispose of all your rubbish in our bins provided.

Private Dance Classes

Private Dance Lessons

Private Lessons are undoubtedly the fastest way to learn to dance and improve your technique and confidence as classes are tailored to suit you.

My name is Kristy I am the owner of Connection Studios and I have been teaching Salsa for over 10 years.

Not only am I passionate about salsa but I have invested inordinate amounts of time and effort to understand what makes for a free-flowing, connected and enjoyable dance between two people.

I love sharing my knowledge with my students in a way that is easy to understand and to implement and most of all I want to see you have fun and make use of your new skills.

Kristy Pinna

Private classes are available in many forms depending on your goals. From simple 1hr casual classes to polish up on something you may be having troubles with in class through to my Immersion Full and Half Day Salsa Packages.

Kristy Pinna - Connection Studios Surry Hills

Private Lessons

Learn to Dance - Connections Studios Surry Hills

Private lessons are suitable for beginners through to advanced dancers and are designed for up to two people at a time, however larger group sizes can also be accommodated.

With 100% of the attention on you private lessons ensure you progress further, faster.

Choose either of our head instructors Kristy or Enzo or you can book a class with both of us to really expedite your dancing. Especially useful for wedding dance and partnered dance styles.

Kristy has been dancing and teaching for over 10 years and is highly qualified in both the Lead and Follow roles in Salsa & Bachata, so you will be sure to get an understanding of our Latin rhythms and these beautiful dance styles very quickly.  

Enzo comes with 9 years of technical training in Latin dance styles and 5 years of commercial training.  He has taught both nationally and internationally, book him today for Latin rhythms, commercial and/or Heels classes.

Immersion Packages

Immersion Packages are for those wanting to succeed NOW, from those just visiting Sydney for a brief time but want a fun filled time or those who are looking to gain confidence really quickly, I love our over achievers as it’s the fastest way to growth.

This idea came about when I had an international visitor coming to Sydney for only 1 month for work.

He knew he wouldn’t have much time to make friends and didn’t want to sit in a hotel room each night watching TV, we met at one of the local Salsa clubs where he had wandered out of his hotel to dinner and drink by himself, he had approached the bar and I just arrived to spend an entire night dancing Salsa.

Whilst waiting for a drink we went on to say hi and began talking about me owning a Salsa school. He expressed interest to learn but teaching in the club was out of the question so he proposed that we spend half a day learning Salsa the following day which was a Saturday and then to go to a Salsa club together that night. I agreed and the journey began.

As he had no friends in the city and no idea how to Salsa this gave him a great outlet for his remaining time in Sydney and within the 4hrs of class that weekend he was then confident to walk into a Salsa club with me in tow ready to dance that night and shortly after he was happily and confidently switching from one partner to the next till the end of the night.

Due to the success of how well the Intensive learnings worked and how comfortable and confident he felt a new idea was born to help others, Sydney visitors or permanent residents alike who don’t want to go through the awkward stages some beginners experience before they get confidence on the dance floor which can take up to 3-6months for some if not more.

Private Dance Lessons - Immersion Packages - Connection Studios 2-min
Private Dance Lessons - Immersion Packages - Connection Studios 3-min

How Do Immersion Packages Work?

Pick any day/night during the week, select your amount of hours and get ready for some fun and new learnings and quite possibly a new healthy dance addiction.

The prices are very cheap and affordable and much more efficient than regular group or private classes due to the amount of hours covered in one day. Think “Dancing with the Stars” styled training, the reason these guys look great each week on the dance floor after 1 weeks practice is the intense amount of hours of practice prior to that 2mins on stage.

These packages are a minimum of 3hrs through to our 7hr and full weekend packages. This includes studio class time and real life club experience. The more you dance the more you save and the better you look sooner

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For any booking changes, please send via email ONLY to info@connectionstudios.com.au . Please mark subject as STUDIO CHANGE

Connection Studios is CLOSED until midnight Friday the 30th of July due to Corona Virus NSW regulations.

Please take care and await our return.

If you have a booking, please EMAIL me only at this time to organise refunds/reschedules… Please be patient, I am doing my best to keep up with making all these changes, I will get back to you all in due time. If you can please opt for a reschedule and keep your credit this will help immensely in this uncertain time that is already near impossible for this industry to keep up with.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and wishes.

Let us hope we can once again dance and connect again with safety soon ❤